Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your hours?
Currently I work one evening a week - Wednesdays from 4-9. On a case by case basis, other days and times can be arranged on a temporary basis.

How can I know if your style of counseling is right for me?
I encourage everyone to 'interview' the counselor on the phone to see if you like what you hear from them and if you do, spend a minimum of 2-3 visits together to see if you feel like it's a good fit for what your needs are. It's very important that the person you choose challenges you and encourages you to develop and support your personal therapeutic goals. 

What is a counseling session like?

Because each person has their own goals and issues for therapy, therapy will be dependent on each individual. In general, expect to discuss current events happening in your life, your personal history relevant to the issue and report progress or insight gained between sessions. Depending on the intensity of the issue, therapy can be short-term and brief or can be longer-term to work through more difficult, distressing issues. It's important to note that the more you participate and use strategies discussed in therapy, the better the outcome.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Generally, I can schedule you within a week or two. If I cannot schedule an appointment quickly enough, I will refer you to another counselor or group who could see you quicker. 

Do you accept health insurance?

I accept Highmark and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans as well as private pay options if you do not have one of the insurance plans I am paneled through.  Please call the office or your insurance company (Highmark or Capital Blue Cross)  to verify you are in network with Gina Daniel, LCSW.

Can I pay with a credit card?
I accept all major credit cards (including HSA credit cards), checks and cash. Payment or co-payment is due at each session.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
Please give me at least 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel your appointment, contact my office at 717.730.8555 and leave a message.  Otherwise, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee which is not reimbursed through health insurance.  

Is my counseling confidential?

I am committed to keeping everything about your treatment confidential. Successful counseling requires a high degree of trust with sensitive information that is never shared outside of our session. However, in any counseling settings, there are exceptions to confidentiality. The exceptions are as follows:

  1. If you are a threat to yourself or someone else, in which I may need to involve other people or resources to ensure your safety or the safety of others.

  2. In the case of any suspicions of child abuse, which is required by law to be reported.

  3. A court order to release information.

  4. You authorize me to speak to anyone else about your treatment, which requires your signature on a release of information form.